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"MOONSHARD has the art of applying aesthetics, design, clothing construction and natural beauty to clothing". It is the first to launch his eponymous label with a number of fashionable wear reflecting a radiant attitude of modern femininity.
Founded in 2018, the back office of the company is now situated at Riverwalk Floreal. Fashion is one of the best ways to express yourself, giving the opportunity to be who you are and show it to the world through your fashion sense.
Moonshard has been shaped to keep up with the fashion current and upcoming crazes. Hence, the very aim of the company is to become a Fashion Specialist in Mauritius and the vision of the company is to excel in the Fashion world.
''Quality is better than quantity!'' 


             The legal information

Moonshard is a brand of the company Moonshard LTD. 

BRN of Moonshard LTD: C18159052
Address: 65 Floreal Road, Vacoas-Phoenix MAURITIUS